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      A Grade Auto parts:

      We sell only tested A-Grade used OEM auto parts with low mileage. We at JASK auto parts take extreme care to make sure our customers get the best parts in there budget and have minimum visits to mechanic.

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      Nation Wide Access:

      As a customer you need part to be delivered from a closest location to save shipping costs. We have more than 4000 suppliers who provide us the best coverage possible wherever you are placed in the entire country.

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      5 Star Rating:

      Google has one of the most genuine reviews available to everyone in today’s world of online shopping. We encourage our customers to check us out and see themselves the wonderful service we provide and have peace of mind while they wait for parts ordered from us.

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      Expert Customer support:

      Our customer service reps have years of experience to understand every concern of customer and deliver prompt solution. We follow standard policies as dictated by automotive recyclers association which helps customer have a smooth replacement/refund in case of any problems associated with our part.

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      All parts sold from JASK auto parts come with a standard warranty wherein we provide a guarantee to repair or replace a faulty product during the warranty period.

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      Local pick-up:

      A major reason for choosing used parts involves saving on shipping cost. At JASK auto parts customers can ask for local pickup option if available near customers so as to avoid any delivery and packaging costs involved.

    Transfer cases

    Remanufactured Used transfer cases of high quality have been a specialty of Jask Auto Parts Drivetrain for many years. With the passage of time and the complexity of cars increasing, we have improved our manufacturing procedures and methods by utilizing our industry expertise. This is our commitment to you and what our clients have grown to rely on from us. Vision, excellence, and dependability

    To guarantee a high-quality build and provide you peace of mind when reselling to a customer or installing in a vehicle, all of our transfer cases are remanufactured in accordance with strict requirements.

    • The remanufacturing process includes three quality inspections.
      An initial inspection is carried out to check for case cracks, excessive wear, and other OEM-related issues that many cores have.
    • During the remanufacturing process, a second examination is carried out to make sure all component parts adhere to OEM requirements.
      To make sure the unit is built to our high standards, a final post-build check is conducted.
    • To uphold our quality standard, every product is quality-inspected several times during the remanufacturing procedure.
    • Using our cutting-edge hydro blasting and rinsing procedure, all cases are cleaned. All casings are restored to their original OEM finishes using this procedure. You’ll see what we mean once you’ve seen it.
    • Seals, bearings, viscous couplers (if necessary), and other frequently worn parts should all be completely replaced.
    • To reduce transit damage, units are transported in high-density polyethylene bags.
    • There is a standard 2-year, unlimited-mileage warranty included with every transfer case supplied.

    Transfer Case Parts

    One of the industry’s largest inventories of OEM and aftermarket transfer case component components is maintained by Zumbrota Jask Auto Parts. We have been an industry leading supplier for almost 30 years thanks in part to our extensive inventory and knowledgeable sales team. Try us, you won’t regret it.

    • Bearing kits and gasket/seal kits
    • Individual seals and bearings
    • Inputs, output shafts, sprockets
    • viscous couplers
    • OEM magnesium and aftermarket aluminum case halves. Front and rear.
    • These are just some of the component parts in stock. We even have used parts for most transfer case applications.

    Buy Used Transfer Case

    Call +1-800-790-9827 for an automotive replacement used transfer case. OEM Transfer Case Used: Are you wanting to save some money on a used, factory-style transfer case for your car? OEM Transfer Cases from a real, nearby car dealership can cost two or three times as much as a comparable replacement Used Transfer Case from a used automobile firm.

    Contact and +1-800-790-9827 both here to learn more about the thousands of Used Transfer Case we have access to.

    A less expensive OEM alternative is our certified OEM Used Transfer Case.

    Unfortunately, Used Transfer Cases do occasionally break down, but you can frequently get a used one for far less money than visiting your local vehicle dealer. We provide among the broadest variety.

    • Used Transfer Case – Best Prices, Best Quality, Best Service
    • Tell us the Transfer Case you’re looking for and we will find it for you!
    • High-quality used OEM car and truck Used Transfer Case
    • We have access to over 3000+ warehouses across nations
    • All Used Used Transfer Case have a 30-Day Warranty

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